Grupo Estrella Blanca wanted to be more competitive and offer its passengers stable Wi-Fi Internet, something that has not been tried before in the public transport sector in Mexico. On Line Service, best known for its expertise in wireless cellular network infrastructure, Wi-Fi network monetization, surveillance and secure data transmission was chosen to seek the solution. 


ON LINE SERVICE was in charge of finding a cost-effective solution with the best overall performance. The only way to achieve this was to test devices from various manufacturers and compare results. The devices were obtained from three different manufacturers, one of which was a Model 412 Starship Router. The devices were then subjected to five months of tortuous testing. Throughout the tests, the devices were evaluated in terms of operational reliability, signal quality, remote operation and reporting capacity. It was found that the Starship 412 was the only one with a 100% uptime, and was considered to have the best user interface. Backed by such promising test data, Grupo Estrella Blanca made the decision to go with the Starship Router model 412 .. 


The system handles simultaneous users without problems and the total number of registered users increases month by month. To access the Internet, users connect to Wi-Fi and are taken to a captive portal. Once authenticated, users are transferred to the Estrella Blanca website, which is configured as the landing page. The captive portal of Estrella Blanca, customized by On Line Service, can show ads online from an external server. Estrella Blanca takes advantage of this, using it to show other services that Estrella Blanca can offer its passengers. Estrella Blanca will also sell its advertising space to third-party publishers as a means to maintain the free Internet they are currently offering.

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