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Online Service has been a pioneer in wireless communications, forging the future for connected devices and responding to the needs of people who use them. Our Internet of Things offering is the perfect solution for remotely monitoring device deployments of any size, anywhere. We offer professional design, implementation and certification teams to help you carry out your projects, no matter how large or small they may be!


Specialized in the Internet of Things (IOT), M2M, mobile Wifi, Telular, and backup applications of telecommunications, our different models of Cellular Routers are adapted to the needs of your company, thus giving a quick and reliable solution. With 20 years of experience in the industry of IT, we have managed to combine a selection of routers of the highest quality being able to offer to the market the most varied solutions to your mobile telecommunications requirements.


Cameras are a must for any organization looking to improve their visibility and awareness. With enterprise grade video security, the latest IoT sensor capabilities, an easy-to-use interface with vandal resistant design options that make it simple enough even if you don’t have technical expertise – cameras offer just about everything any business needs in order stay up on current technology trends! With a 4G LTE connection, you can use the camera to see what’s going on in any location from virtually anywhere. 


Ensure remote control, access and control, even when the network is down. The platforms of monitoring and control of On Line Service’s product line allows for secure supervision Remote, access and management of virtually any electronic device worldwide from anywhere. One of the main advantages of electronic devices throughout the world from anywhere. One of the main advantages of On Line Service devices is that they give visibility to the network through auxiliary means, such as a protected cellular connection VPN, even during cases in which physical network links to buildings are down.


Our equipment is based on the best connectivity technologies that can be easily and transparently connected to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing devices, whether serial, Ethernet and Wi-Fi with only a basic configuration. 

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